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Hi Denise!! 
Just wanted to say thank you again for our little puppy! My daughter was absolutely thrilled. It was a Christmas dream come true. We have decided to name her Cocoa. 
She’s such a doll and we love having her as part of our family!!
I hope you had a wonderful Christmas!
Happy new year!
Lauren Pizarro 

Hi Denise & Robert. I want to thank you for two wonderful puppies. We all just love them! My kids were so excited on Christmas Day to see two puppies when they woke up. They are now named Cody(Kokomo) & Casey(Kline). They had their first vet appointment on Tues. They did great. They received one shot each.  They now weigh 6.6lbs & 7.2lbs. They are sleeping through the night together in their crate. They are going to the bathroom outside mostly, and at times they use the training pads. They love to give kisses & be held. They enjoy running around outside with each other. We are so happy to have them. My kids said "this is the best Christmas ever!!"

Lori and Family from New York

We are thankful for Lola!
She is a great dog!!!!
Thanks, Denise!
- Lisa 

Everyone just LOVES Abby!  My priest, the librarians at the Easton Public Library, the tellers at my bank, the aides and med techs at Country Meadows, and particularly my mom and her two tablemates.  Jean, one of the ladies, cannot wait until I get there in the evening.  When I walk into the dining room with Abby in hand, Jean's face lights up and radiates totally love for this little furry bundle.

Abby had her first vet appointment yesterday and did wonderfully.  The vet and his assistants all adored her and fawned all over her.  She passed her wellness exam with flying colors,  received two shots, her heart worm and Sentinel medications.  She now weights a total of 4 pounds!  Her coloring is lightening and her mask is revealing more white hairs.  She's extremely happy, friendly, loving, playful.  She hates when I go away from her, but she loves my shoes and slippers--both of which she attempts to sit in.  No chewing or barking.  Just lots and lots of kisses -- which she gives very freely to any one!  She sleeps through the night in her crate by my bed.  She gobbles down her food in a matter of seconds!  Saturday and Sunday we has some issues with going to the bathroom on my living room carpet, but that has already remedied itself.  I'd say she nearly 95% housebroken already.  She's been to the "doggie spa"  where she was doused in kisses by every single worker there. You don't think she's too spoiled, do you?  lol

I haven't sent any pictures of her because Ashley took some last evening at County Meadows and promised she'd forward them to you.  If she hasn't already sent them, get on her case.

Thanks for my little bundle of Christmas joy--she is the epitome of Christmas--unconditional love!

Jody and Abby

Hi Denise! 

We wanted you to know that Pierce is doing amazingly well!!  He has fit right into our family and we couldn't be happier!!  Here he is on day one with our boys.

Hi Denise,  We got Libby from you last Saturday, 11 – 22 – 14. Hopefully you’ll get this picture of her from last night. Libby is one of the smartest puppies we have ever owned. She is more house trained than I thought a puppy could be at this early stage. Tomorrow she’ll be 2 month’s old and she is fantastic. Crate trained, goes out when she’s asked, knows her name and absolutely LOVES snow! She has got to be the sweetest, most loving puppy, we’ve ever had and she has us wrapped around her paws already! We took her to our vet and he was thrilled. She’s doing fine and eating and drinking all her meals. We have successfully changed her food and she loves her training treats, which she doesn’t get every time she goes out. I don’t think we could ever get a better puppy! Thank you for raising such a wonderful breed. They have to be the best ever!
Thanks again from Libby, Lori & Bill!!

Hi Denise,
Hope all is well with you. Walter is growing SO fast. He is still VERY sweet! And he's smart and sneaky ��
Hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday!
Jamie, Mark, Lucy & Fat Walter

Hi Denise,
Wow... What a cute little stinker!! Bella decided after 2 days ... She likes her!
I was so worried!
Winnie is wonderful and very smart, she has a mind of her own .. Very independent.. And cuter than hell!
Fun and funny to watch!!
Really loving her and thank you so much!!



Hi Denise,
So nice to hear from you. We are doing very well. Cooper is such a wonderful puppy. We absolutely love him. He is so smart too. He potty trained so easily. We haven't had an accident in over 3 weeks. I can't say enough wonderful things about him. We saw you had a few boys left and were telling several people cause he is so awesome. I just said the other day that I had to get on your site to write a testimonial cause we couldn't be happier. Unfortunately we don't live in Pittsburgh we are in Economy Borough in Beaver County (about 26 miles north of Pittsburgh. I wish we would be able to see him somewhere. I know they will be as happy as we are. I will have Tom email you some pics or I will text you one. I may still have your number. Thanks again and if you ever need a puppy reference, let me know.

Rose Ann

Hi Denise!
Just thought I'd send a quick update on Beasley!  She is SUCH a wonderful puppy and it is clear she came from an amazing home!
She is now about 20 lbs and does stairs on her own. She's learned Come, Sit, Stay, and Lie Down. She loves to play and snuggle and gives LOTS of kisses which we love! We have taken her to see friends and family and she is always very well mannered and everyone immediately falls in love with her!
We just want to thank you again for such a perfect dog! We get so many compliments on how well socialized and calm she is in every situation!
I've attached a few pictures! (In the 2nd one my husband was lying on the floor and Beasley walked over to him, laid on him like that and fell asleep!)
Thank you so much!

Camrin Edwards


Hi, Winston is fine and getting used to being here.  I have no problem crating him next to my bed, but downstairs does not like being in it.  When I take him out, he pees and poos.  I let him in every room downstairs, do not like to crate when I am here.  Had his vet visit and he is healthy, and stool was good.  He goes Sept. 7 for his 2nd set of shots.
Everyone loves him!
thank you.

Hi Denise,
Cody is so adorable.  We are having so much fun with him.  He loves being with you.  He loves to play.  And he is starting to learn to retrieve his toys already.  He is also doing well with house breaking.  Goes outside most of the time.  But he does not like the cage at night.  He already knows the Golden Retriever howl!  Thank you so much for such an adorable puppy.

Kathy & Heather


Hi Denise,
Just wanted to let you know that Stella is adjusting well here!!!  I don't think we could possibly love her anymore than we do!  She is such a good puppy!  Her and Brady are fast becoming the very best of friends (even Sadie is starting to love her)!  She slept the entire night last night without one potty break and has not had one accident in the house yet.  Had her vet appointment last night and they said she is in great health.  She slept though the entire appointment, even during her exam.  We couldn't have picked a better puppy and couldn't be happier with her!  We'll keep you updated!!!

Kristin and Casey


Hi Denise,
What a love!!  Max sat on Sean's lap the entire ride home.  Fell asleep about a half hour into the trip.  He played and ate and played some more and fell asleep in Sean's lap again.  We put him in the crate at 10:30 and  he slept all night.  I stayed in the family room just in case.  Not a peep.  Sean came down at 5 - he's never up before noon.  This is Max's 3rd nap this morning.  He goes into the crate all by himself to rest.  He is amazing.  He ate dinner with both paws in the bowl.  It's a little too big.  We are all in love with this baby already.



Hello Denise,
Thank you for allowing us so much time with Aspen's beautiful litter.  We are so excited, especially after meeting the litter's mom and dad - a first for us.  Our past adoptions only included mom.  You have a very special touch with dogs and the personality of both parents is amazing.

See you soon,



Hi Hahn Family, Maya here, saw the vet tonight and she said I am very healthy.  Not sure why I needed 2 shots then, but mom and dad said I needed to have them.  Dearest Ashley, I know the reason I am so healthy is due to your love and care, so thanks a ton!  I do miss you but I am being well cared for and loved, don't worry.  Maya over and out for now.....


Just wanted you to know how VERY happy we are with Norman!  His personality, puppy behavior and all, is PERFECT!  He made the transition from litter to our home without one peep.  It is like he couldn't wait to be here.  There is alot of mutual loving going on!  Many of our friends and family have stopped to welcome him home.  It has been wonderful.  We couldn't ask for a better new addition to the Tice family!

Thank you for being the loving home with the loving dogs that brought him to us!

Take care and hope they are all finding homes.

Debbie and Rich Tice


Hi Denise,
This is Natalia Klimek. I am the one that purchased Clutch from you. I would just like to let you know that Clutch, now knows as Kacper (my parents names him, we are Polish) is doing great. He is full of energy and loves to play around with my dad especially. For the past 3 weeks we noticed that he has been growing and understanding more and more. He still has couple of accidents around the house, but other than that he knows that he has to go outside to go do his "business." He is so attached to my father it is unbelivable. He comes to him every day and when my dad sits on the floor with the laptop Kacper lays down next to him and places his head on his legs. I am telling you love at first site for the both of them. I will keep you posted on how he is doing.
Thanks again
Natalia Klimek


I can't believe Dutch will be a year old soon.  He is such a big love.  We wouldn't know what to do with ourselves without him.



Hi Denise, just wanted you to see how well Trinidad (Trinnie ) is fitting in. She is a sweetheart, she's getting loved up all day long her new home. She loves the outdoors too. Sending you some pics. Thanks for such a wonderful puppy!!! Our vet was so impressed with the booklet with all her info I'll send more pics as she grows.
Thanks again,


Thank you for our beautiful pup Mason Duncan Miller. He is so well adjusted and easy to train in just a few days. It is clearly from all of the love you and your family have given these pups prior to their new homes. Especially the love Ashely has given them to make him a cuddler. Great dog!

Take Care

Roger, Michelle, & Lauren and
Mason too!

Hi Denise, just wanted to let you know that Sula is doing great, I just love her, she is so sweet. As you can see in the following pictures she isn't getting too spoiled. Haha. I really don't know how you can part with the puppies after you have the litter, I sure wouldn't be able to do it.
Thanks Again for the wonderful pup.
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