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All puppies from this litter have gone to their new homes!
Please contact us for information on a special litter that has arrived.

Cambria and Romo's puppies arrived on February 24, 2017


Roger, a puppy from a previous litter out of Cambria and Romo:


Puppies are $1,000 and a $250 deposit will secure your pick in the litter.

An English import from Romania.
Here is the website if you would like more information on Cambria's heritage.


Puppies go home with:
  • Sales contract/Guarantee of Good Health
  • UKC Registry
  • Detailed instructions on feeding, daily routine for puppy
  • Health guarantee, from head to tail, for anything genetic or congenital (eyes, hips, etc)
  • Detailed information for training your pup, and tips to make the first few weeks easy and comfortable for you and puppy.
  • Complete Veterinarian Records to date.
  • Sample of puppy food we have been feeding them. 
  •  Toy that has mama and littermates scent on it to ease transition into new home.








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