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The puppies from this litter have all been sold, thank you!

Maltipoo  puppies born 5/24/19 and are available to go home beginning July 19, 2019. 
If you would like to reserve one of these puppies, please fill out the puppy application (link to the right) to begin the process, thank you.  Puppies are $850 with a $200 deposit required to reserve your puppy.  There are four puppies available, apricot male, black male, brindle female, black female.  Pictures to follow soon.....

Here are some puppies from the 2016 litter.




 Malshipoo is a specific blend of Maltese - Shih tzu - Poodle which are non-shedding and hypoallergenic breeds.  It is not a purebred or a designer dog which is a current fad.  It is very important to us to produce well adjusted puppies that are compatible with family living.  When breeding our puppies, there is a lot of thought, time and expense invested.

Malshipoo's are loving, family companions with calm dispositions that are mellow, quiet, hardy (not so small that they are 'breakable'), but small enough that they can cuddle on your lap.  They are non-shedding, energetic and fun yet can settle down easily.  Having poodle mixed in makes it very intelligent as they are ranked in the top 2 most intelligent breeds along with the German Shepherd.

With a Malshipoo puppy you can enjoy the gorgeous multi colors and carefree easygoing personality of the ShihTzu without the eye problems sometimes found in the purebred (this is due to the protruding eyes and the eyelids not being able to close properly).  As well as the fast learning ability that comes with the intelligence found in the Poodle.  At maturity, these puppies will weigh 10-14 lbs.

Sophia Lilly (Malshipoo mama)

Past Malshipoo puppy

Chloe (Maltipoo mama)

Past maltipoo puppy

Brody (Maltipoo) Stud dog to Sophie and Chloe

       Sophie and Brody puppies from a previous litter                

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